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Puzzle & Dragons GOLD Present Code List

A wonderful present for all Puzzle & Dragons GOLD players!
Enter the Present Code below to claim Rainbow Orbs and/or other presents.

Release Date Title Present Contents Present Code
4/27/2020 Magazine Bonus Mecha Toragon XEFTCY3SG84TGMJZ
2/21/2020 Ver. 1.0.2 Update Reward 1000 Rainbow Orbs AAGDQ42YGVLGCTK8
2/14/2020 Happy Valentine's Day 500 Rainbow Orbs 5UFU8R29K5TT9522
1/17/2020 Commemoration of the game's debut at the Next-
Generation World Hobby Fair '20 Winter in Japan
500 Rainbow Orbs 5QFWQV2H9VZGU3CT

For Present Code redemption instructions, see here.

Team Code List

Enter the Team Code(s) below to claim recommended preconstructed teams.

Release Date Title Present Contents Team Code
4/27/2020 Present 1 Preconstructed Team 1 003NQ5B1K5USA0VRMECWRC
4/27/2020 Present 2 Preconstructed Team 2 001GL489HBVS51CLHR0CRV

For Team Code redemption instructions, see here.

Present Code Notes

*The redemption method for Present Code and Team Codes differ. Please see the redemption instructions for each type of code.
*Please ensure that Puzzle & Dragons GOLD is installed and that your Nintendo Switch™ console is sufficiently charged.
*Present and Team Codes are not compatible with software other than Puzzle & Dragons GOLD.
*Present and Team Codes may not be compatible with modified software.
*Post-release, present distribution may be discontinued without notice.
*Nintendo Switch™ is a trademark of Nintendo.