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Puzzle & Dragons GOLD Present Code List

A wonderful present for all Puzzle & Dragons GOLD players!
Enter the Present Code below to claim Rainbow Orbs and/or other presents.

Release Date Title Present Contents Present Code
2/21/2020 Ver. 1.0.2 Update Reward 1000 Rainbow Orbs AAGDQ42YGVLGCTK8
2/14/2020 Happy Valentine's Day 500 Rainbow Orbs 5UFU8R29K5TT9522
1/17/2020 Commemoration of the game's debut at the Next-
Generation World Hobby Fair '20 Winter in Japan
500 Rainbow Orbs 5QFWQV2H9VZGU3CT

For Present Code redemption instructions, see here.

Present Code Notes

*Please ensure that Puzzle & Dragons GOLD is installed and that your Nintendo Switch™ console is sufficiently charged.
*Present Codes do not contain the letters O, I, 1 or hyphens (-).
*Present Codes are free bonuses.
*Present Codes are single-use only. A Present Code may not be used multiple times.
*Present Codes are not compatible with software other than Puzzle & Dragons GOLD.
*Present Codes may not be compatible with modified software.
*Post-release, present distribution may be discontinued without notice.
*Nintendo Switch™ is a trademark of Nintendo.